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Self-Care Is How You Take Your Power Back

Natural Vegan Skin Care

Updated: Apr 9

In a world where we have little control of anything that is happening around us, it can feel overwhelming and very scary. Self-Care has never been so important for both our body and mind in these unprecedented times. By ensuring that you are taking steps to look after yourself right now will help you feel stronger, confident and more in control of YOU and your environment.

Natural Vegan Skin Care

What can we do?

A few simple steps of self-care each day from your own home will help you regain your power and feel motivated. This is all about you.

  • Eat well – it can be so easy to think that because we are at home and restricted healthy eating should go out of the window. This could be the perfect opportunity to incorporate a great healthy diet and try new foods. With more time to cook and prepare, batch cook some lovely, tasty healthy recipes. Use resources online to choose from or dig out old recipe books.
  • Exercise – there are so many free exercise videos available now on the internet or on youtube, incorporate a 10-minute gentle exercise routine 3 x a day or longer if you can. Take a daily walk using social distancing measures. If you have a garden, this too is great exercise and the fresh air will do wonders for your skin and mind.
  • Me time – do all those things you don’t usually get the chance to do. Read that book/s, learn something new, research things you are interested in, meditate, cook, make crafts, paint. Contact friends and family by telephone or video link. Whatever it is that you usually have to put off but is important to y
Natural Vegan Skin Care
  • Get the house sorted – in a world where time is so precious there are always hundreds of jobs we put off. The cluttered wardrobes, the overflowing toy boxes and messy cupboards all cause us unknown stress. We close the doors of these jobs each day with no time to tackle them but once we have completed these the cobwebs will literally clear from your home and mind. Add some beautiful scents into the home with either reed diffusers or candles for wellbeing and relaxation.
  • Pamper, pamper, pamper! And why not you deserve it! The usual morning rush or tired evenings from a hectic day could be spent taking our time with a little mini 5 Step Facial using your favourite products.
Natural Vegan Skin Care

Step 1 Start by cleansing the face well to ensure you have a nice clean canvas removing any makeup or dirt with a cotton pad and our Vitamin E Clarifying Cleanser.

Step 2 Gently exfoliate your face using small, round circular movements,

massaging the face and making sure you give special attention to the nose, chin and forehead. Rinse off the exfoliator and pat the skin gently with a clean towel

Super Berry Microdermabrasion Scrub.

Step 3 Now the skin is cleansed and prepared, treat your skin to a wonderful soothing face-mask. SOAK BOX England has 2 beautiful natural clay masks to choose from Green Tea Detox Face Mask and Super Berry Face Mask. Both full of rewarding antioxidants. Apply all over the face and neck area (avoiding the eyes) and sit back and relax whilst the natural ingredients draw out impurities from the skin leaving you with a wonderful refreshed complexion.

Step 4 After removing the mask and gently drying the skin the next step is to Tone. This is a very important part in a facial and it helps to close and clean the pores. This is also great for acne prone skin as it helps to restore the balance of the skin as it doesn’t let the dirt settle. By gently wiping the face with your toner on a cotton pad this will shrink and tighten pores and leave skin clean and bright Natural Aloe Vera Toner.

Step 5 Finally Cleanse thoroughly with your favourite moisturiser. A beautiful light moisturiser for the summer months Vitamin E Hydrating Moisturiser. This will ensure the skin is hydrated and helps to retain and seal in moisture. Apply this gently with your fingertips to the face and neck in small circular movements. If you are performing your facial at time night, simply change your day time moisturiser to your richer night cream Secret Therapist Night Cream and also apply eye cream to nourish the under eye area Secret Therapist Eye Cream.

  • Leisurely evenings? Run a lovely bath, light some relaxing candles, pop on some spa music and apply a facemask. Exfoliate your body with our Minimising Cellulite body scrub and thoroughly moisturise your whole body after. Prep your nails, eyebrows, anything thing that makes you feel good. You will smell and feel wonderful the next morning.
Natural Vegan Skin Care

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  • Create a daily, weekly routine for yourself and look forward to your scheduled Self-Care. This way you will be doing all your other important family/home commitments but making sure you too have your time. It won’t always go to plan but by having a plan there is more chance of it happening.


Natural Vegan Skin Care

Get your family involved with all of the above. Again, this is a fantastic time to teach our children new skills in the home and enjoy spending quality time together.

We would love to hear what has helped you with your self-care routine. Get in touch by letting us know in the comments section on our blog.

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Stay safe everyone and please look after yourself.

SOAK BOX England.

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